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Appropriate Use Of Email Systems[edit]

Email is an important tool in modern work places. Use common sense and maintain a level of professionalism in order to use email to its potential.


Don't be the person in the office who constantly sends photos of cats. Try and maintain a level of professionalism when using corporate email services.

Humor, sarcasm and irony may not be obvious to recipients via email as it would be in person. Key this in mind so you can avoid offending others.

Avoid sending excess copies of emails. Address replies to specific individuals if possible, this avoids people the content isn't relevant to being bombarded by emails.

Always attach your name to emails you send, this is to avoid possible confusion over the original sender.

Check the contents of emails before you forward them onto third party's. This is to avoid embarrassment if the original sender did not wish the email to be forwarded, or the email contains inappropriate or copyrighted material.


Avoid sending messages that could be perceived as harassing, inappropriate or vulgar.

Maintain a respectful tone when using emails. Be friendly where possible.

Avoid where possible sending bad personal news via email.


Be cautious when opening attachments and forwarding emails with attachments. Hackers embed malicious payloads (viruses, trojans and other malware) in email attachments, that can be executed on the system when you open them.

Always check the sender address in an email. Be wary of subtle differences. e.g.


Only forward work emails to personal accounts if given expressed permission by IT managers. This is because IT managers cannot protect your personal account to the same extent of a work account.

Be cautious sending information of critical nature. Consult your businesses IT policy on this subject.

The real use of chain mail is to harvest emails for spamming. Remember this next time you forward a photo of jesus to at least 20 friends in the next 10 minutes.